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Most Popular Articles From the Blog for 2021

Most Popular Articles From the Blog for 2021

Fri, 17 Dec 2021 19:07:42 +0000

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Would you like to read my most popular blog articles from 2021?

I invite you to read some of the articles that resonated with other readers this year that may be helpful to you too.

I have felt the ebb and flow of the year. I’m sure you have too.

Hardly a year goes by without the ups and downs of life. And yet, with every hardship, I try to find the lesson in the experience. How can I live my life in a better way in the future because of what I’ve experienced? And I do try and remember what I’m grateful for. My gratitude practice has helped me tremendously through the years.

The pandemic continues to be a constant. The stress of the new virus and all that goes along with it continues to hang in the background. Dealing with COVID is one issue. Furthermore, there is fallout on how it affects our struggling kids. We know this new normal is not so great for our teens and young adults.

You may be continuing to struggle with a son or daughter who refuses help for their substance use. Or your child may be getting the support they need, which can give you a much-needed reprieve. Maybe your son or daughter is in recovery, which is such a positive step forward

There have been many years when I’ve not heard that a client has lost their child. But this year was different. I heard the news from two parents that their child passed away from complications around substance use. It is heartbreaking for these families and others who have lost a loved one due to addiction. Any life lost because of drug or alcohol use is one too many.

Are we doing enough? What do you think?

More prevention, awareness, and less stigma are so needed. Treatment options need to be more available. All around, more work and attention to this problem is necessary.

The best articles from the blog in 2021

I love sharing my articles to see which ones resonate with you. It can be enjoyable as well as rewarding.

In case you missed them, here are posts that especially resonated with readers during 2021

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Looking forward to 2022

Every new year gives us a fresh slate to try out new ideas and projects.

I’ll continue to write on topics related to substance use and the concerns of parents who are worried about their teen or young adult. I want to do more interviews with authors, experts in the field, those who have experienced addiction and recovery, and others in the helping roles.

My focus will continue to be on how, as parents, we can best help our children to be ready for recovery and how we can prevent our teens from getting dependent on substances.

Recently, I completed the Invitation to Change Approach Training and now have Level 1 Certification. I have started an Invitation to Change Support Group and will continue this work in 2022. If you are interested in joining a group, send me an email, and I’ll add you to the list.

What is most important, is that the Invitation to Change is an approach that invites change rather than demanding or forcing it. It is a collaborative, empathetic, and compassionate approach for all involved.

In addition, I’ll be sharing some of these ideas with you on the blog.

How Can You Help

Every week, I write free content between the blog, my Sunday newsletters, and other emails.

If you find the content here helpful, you can help me continue by:

Sharing my blog posts on your favorite social media platform.Forwarding the newsletter to a friend or family member concerned about their child.Buying my course:  Regain Your Hope.My new book, The Compassion Antidote, will be out in early 2022, so please be on the lookout for it!

The proceeds help to cover the cost of running the blog, sending out my Sunday newsletter, web hosting, mailing list service, social media services, and more.

You may be living with heartache this year. Yet together, we are stronger. There are ways to help yourself and your child.

Let’s give all our kids the support and encouragement they need to live the life they deserve. A new year is a new beginning for us all.

2022 is an excellent opportunity for a fresh start.

I wish you and your family happiness and health for the coming year.

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