How to Help Someone Quit Vaping

Vaping is a popular way to smoke marijuana and tobacco. Vaping, also known as electronic cigarettes, is a device that heats liquids to produce vapor. The small containers that hold these liquids in vape cartridges can contain nicotine and other unhealthy ingredients. The addictive and cancer-causing component in tobacco products is nicotine. Although vape cartridges contain less nicotine than normal cigarettes, there are still health risks. Here are some ways you can help someone quit smoking.

The dangers of vaping

Although vaping products typically contain one-third to half the nicotine of cigarettes, there are still health risks. One 5% strength JUULpod can replace an entire pack cigarettes in nicotine strength. So what do these mean about potential dangers?

Although they are not always listed on the labels, nicotine, which is a stimulant, can be found in many vape pens and e-cigarettes. Nicotine can affect the formation of brain connections.

These connections or communications can cause learning, mood, attention, impulse control, and other problems. The risk of addiction to nicotine, long-term smoking, and other drug use can all be increased, particularly among teenagers.

Many vape cartridges contain heavy metals and chemicals that can cause cancer, such as nickel, tin and lead. Common flavors like diacetyl can cause lung disease. Ultra-fine particles from other components can also be inhaled into your lungs, irritating them and causing more serious conditions.

Vaping can also cause headaches, dry throat and shortness of breath. These risks are not serious, but many vapers need help to quit smoking due to nicotine dependence.

Good news: Recovery is possible.

How can you help someone stop vaping?

It can be difficult to quit smoking, especially if someone feels they must vape in order to fit in or feel normal. It can be hard to explain to people why they need to stop vaping, especially since it has become so popular.

There are many ways you can support someone who vapes often and has experienced side effects or quits. Here are some suggestions to help someone quit smoking.

Ask them why they vape

People often fall for the wrong people or engage in harmful behaviors like substance abuse. It is often the “why” they do it. Asking the person why they started vaping can help you to see the negative aspects of their lives that they are trying to avoid or hide.

To find a lasting solution, it is important to address heartache, stress, peer pressure, mental illness, as well as other factors that can contribute to unhealthy behaviors. Asking should be your first step.

Ask them how they think quitting would benefit them.

Ask them to envision a life without vaping. They might be able walk farther without feeling tired, or have whiter teeth.

It’s a great way to find out why someone is reluctant to stop vaping, especially if there have been negative side effects. They might feel more motivated to quit if you point out the many benefits.

Be a good listener

Even though you might not agree with vaping it does not mean the reasons are invalid. Many people mistakenly believe that vaping is a better way to cope with stress than other drugs.

Perhaps the person vapes because they feel like they need to be liked by their peers. Perhaps vaping helps them relax after a stressful day at school or work.

Don’t judge them for what they do, but lend your ears. It is a personal decision to seek help in quitting vaping. This can require a lot more soul-searching, self awareness, and self discipline. Be patient.

Skip the Lecture

It will not make someone quit vaping. It might, however, cause some pride or hurt and push them into vaping.

It’s important to remember that vaping users aren’t allowed to ask about their past use of tobacco or complain that they feel irritable during withdrawal. It is possible for nicotine to alter brain chemistry so quitting can be difficult emotionally and physically. Any judgment, scolding or nagging can only make it worse.

Do not be distracted

You can come up with other ways to spend time together that don’t involve smoking or vaping. You might suggest going on a walk, watching a movie, starting a hobby, or attending a game night.

Encourage them to withdraw

As your loved one experiences withdrawal, be patient and positive. Keep your head up. If they are irritable or snappy, don’t take it personal.

You can say, “I know it’s hard for you, but I’m proud that you have stuck with it!” This will remind them that you are there for them.

Do not use tobacco products or vape around them

This may sound like common sense but there are many people who don’t practice what they preach. Even when they’re trying to quit vaping, there are still many others. Do not be like this.

You should quit vaping if you are a smoker. You can support one another through difficult times so that you can both quit.

The person will decide what helps them quit vaping. Encourage them to seek safe and healthy ways of coping with their cravings. Other ways you can support your partner include calling them frequently to check in on them, or taking them along to parties or other locations where they might be tempted to vape.

Do you need help with substance abuse?

Vaping is a gateway drug, just like marijuana. Gateway drugs can open up the doors to other dangerous and more addictive substances, such as prescription drugs, opioids and stimulants, or depressants.

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