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Discover Our Addiction Treatment Center in Florida & New Jersey

Taking the first step towards recovery can be daunting, but knowing your options for care is paramount to your success. All in Solutions is here to be the go-to drug rehab center in Florida and New Jersey to provide the world-class care you deserve to achieve recovery. Our facilities are designed with our patients to ensure they receive the proper care and an enjoyable and healing experience. The addiction treatment specialists at All in Solutions offer patients their knowledge, experience, and compassion to help them in their recovery journey.

Health Insurance May Cover the Cost of Treatment

Do you have health insurance? Find out if your benefits will cover you or your loved one at one of our addiction treatment centers.


Are you or a loved one struggling today? Contact our team 24/7, 365 days a year, to speak with an individual addiction specialist.

With Addiction Treatment Centers located in the Northeast and Southeast, we are here to help.

We believe in providing the most comfortable rehabilitation options for every patient’s path to recovery.

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Licensed and Accredited at National and State Levels, All In Solutions has top-of-the-line medical, clinical, administrative, and behavioral support staff.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Palm Beach, Florida & Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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What makes our program different?

One-on-one case management, one-on-one alumni, support, one-on-one therapy, and one-on-one individualized treatment mixed with group settings enable our team to provide the most comfortable and successful path to recovery. Our specialty addiction treatment programs in Florida and New Jersey allow us to target the specific needs of our patients to provide them with efficient care, not generic care.

Every person that comes through our door has different scenarios, needs, and diagnoses that we take to heart. We are here to make our clients feel a part of our family and, in the end, a part of our giant alumni organization.

With help from the beginning stages of withdrawal to set foot back in the real world, All In Solutions provides support to guide individuals and their loved ones along the way.

Family Program

A family program provides the opportunity for all members to heal from addiction, not just the individual in need of treatment.

Alumni Program

This program provides ongoing support and communication for our alumni long after they leave our facility.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Addiction is often accompanied by an underlying and unknown mental illness or disorder that requires dual diagnosis treatment. 

Chronic Pain Recovery

Chronic pain management addiction treatment requires additional care to help recover from both habit and ongoing management without abusing medications.


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Our Group & Individualized 1 on 1 Programs

Men's Programs

Our men’s program provides an encouraging and uplifting environment for individuals to heal and thrive.

Women's Programs

A woman’s program allows patients to feel understood and safe as they work through their treatment plan.

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