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New Jersey addiction treatment center, All In Solutions, validated by JAMA study showing efficacy and cost-effectiveness of medication assisted treatment programs for opioid addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Research

Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study showing that medication assisted-treatment programs for opioid use disorder not only save lives, but actually save money as well. By reducing costs associated with incarceration and health care associated with medical complications of opioid use disorder, MAT programs actually cost less than no treatment. Many addiction treatment professionals hope that this economic factor will help to increase access to the life-saving treatment.

All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill, in Camden County New Jersey, offers an opioid use disorder treatment program that combines elements of traditional addiction treatment like intensive individual and group therapy with medication-assisted treatment. Dr. Allen Masry, who serves as the Medical Director of the Cherry Hill addiction treatment center, was not surprised by the result of the study. He believes that medication-assisted treatment can be an obvious asset as a part of a biopsychosocial model of addiction treatment.

Masry explains that at All In Solutions, “We treat the biology, psychology and social issues. So, a program that incorporates medications, helps a person deal with their thinking and offer social supports is a program that is successful.”

Masry is hopeful that the JAMA study will help to reduce the stigma attached to MAT and that policy reform will help to make it more widely available. He explained, “When people with opioid addiction are not as stigmatized or criminalized, they are more likely to work towards getting sobriety. When addiction treatment providers do not have to struggle to get payment for treatment more time can be spent treating opioid use.”

Dr. Allen Masry currently serves as the President of the New Jersey branch of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Throughout his career, Masry has received a number of accolades including being named South Jersey Magazines top addiction psychiatrist in 2014, being named a top doctor in addiction medicine in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and being awarded best addiction educator from Rowan School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs utilize medications that help to curb cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and otherwise reinforce abstinence in patients struggling with substance use disorders. For opiate addiction, methadone has long been the drug of choice for prescribing physicians trying to help their patients achieve sobriety. Newer drugs like Suboxone that contain buprenorphine, however, have become a better option for many because of the reduced risk of overdose and more relaxed regulations allowing for “take home” doses.

Addiction treatment that simply dispenses maintenance medications to recovering addicts, however, is incomplete. As Masry points out, addiction has psychological and social components that also need to be addressed. Comprehensive treatment requires intensive evidence-based therapy, individualized counseling, social support, and medication management for any underlying mental health conditions.

MAT Addiction Treatment in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Individuals seeking addiction treatment, with or without a medication-assisted plan, can find help at All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill. With over a decade in business, All In Solutions is an addiction treatment provider trusted by patients, families, and the New Jersey recovery and medical community. All In Solutions offers both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs for substance use disorders. 

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