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All persons should know that any substance abuse or alcohol dependency can lead to significant health issues. Meth addiction is certainly no exception. Meth (Methamphetamine) abuse is a chronic debilitating disease filled with relapse and harsh effects on the brain’s molecular structure. Meth and Cocaine (Speed, Crack, Rock, Crystal) addiction can cause long-term results that last even after abuse. Cocaine abuse is a comparable addiction that causes similar symptoms and effects. However, an addict can reduce the levels of risk with the proper assistance from an accredited addiction treatment center.

The Long-Term Health Risks of Meth and/or Cocaine Addiction

Long-term meth or cocaine abuse can have a significant impact on an individual’s long-term health. Long-term abuse can affect an individual’s mental and psychological health. Initially, less intrusive health risks will appear. These include:

  • -Heightened anxiety
  • -Car or motorcycle accidents
  • -Behavioral changes
  • -Insomnia
  • -Impaired memory loss

The longevity of meth or cocaine (Speed, Crack, Rock, Crystal) usage can result in psychiatric impairments. Although treatment can help manage these symptoms, their effects can last for months, even years after meth usage has stopped. Those who have struggled with meth addiction may experience a sudden reoccurrence in symptoms that can stress-induced. Some extreme long-term health risk of meth abuse include:

  • -Paranoia
  • -Violence (i.e., self or others)
  • -Delusions and Hallucinations
  • -Repetitive motor activities

In correspondence with psychological issues, physical health risks are prevalent among those with long-term meth addiction. These include:

  • -Severe Dental and Mental Problems
  • -Severe weight loss
  • -Bruxism (Teeth grinding and jaw clenching)
  • -Skin sores
  • Dry mouth & Teeth Grinding
  • -Teeth decay or loss of teeth

Cause of Long-Term Health Risk of Meth and/or Cocaine Addiction

During or after long-term meth usage, extremes change in the brain’s chemical structure occur. Neuroimaging suggests that meth abuse affects dopamine levels in the brain. The dopamine neurotransmitters that are linked to verbal language and motor skills are severely impaired. Thus, long-term abuse can lead to a significant drop in dopamine. Dopamine deficiency can also cause emotional and mental defects that are long-term. Although abstinence of meth usage can cause dopamine levels to revert to normalcy, the process can be extensive.

Getting Help For Long-Term Meth Abuse at our Meth Addiction Treatment Center / Help For Long-Term Cocaine Abuse at our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Despite the long-term effects of meth usage, there are many opportunities for health for meth abusers. All in Solutions provides men and women with the care and compassion they need to combat long-term risk and outcomes.

We provide our patients with medicinal and behavioral addiction services designed to help balance their brain chemicals and learn how to cope with the imbalances from addiction. Although recovery from meth usage can be a strenuous process, All in Solution’s mission is to help those struggling regain their life back.

We encourage those suffering not to wait and let us provide you with the treatment you deserve.