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What is Heroin?

Heroin is a drug that is extracted from raw opium derived from poppy plants. The drug is commonly abused by snorting, smoking, and shooting the powder or hardened substance. Heroin provides users with a rush of pleasure sensations or euphoria. Due to these solid artificial feelings, an addict begins to use heroin as a coping mechanism or escape. The high from heroin or opiates cause a bond with the drug, which is hard to break. Heroin can be consumed through liquid or powder, by injection, nasal insertion, or smoking. Heroin can be white, brown, or black powders, which are usually injected. However, dealers combine or “cut” heroin with sugar or powdered milk. Street heroin is often cut with poisonous properties, which makes it a risk to use.

Heroin addiction is often difficult to escape and is often abused correspondingly with opiates and painkillers.

Long-term heroin abuse will cause adverse physical effects and medical deficiencies. It also causes financial, behavioral, relationship issues. The symptoms of heroin addiction are diverse. These include:

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Due to the strong effects of heroin abuse on the body, withdrawal has severe side effects. The withdrawal stage can begin as early as a few hours to 48 hours after last use. Withdraw symptoms are contingent on the abuser’s frequency, duration, and quantity of use.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Heroin:

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

The consequences of heroin abuse impact various parts of a user’s life. These include medical, social, and economic outcomes.

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All In Solutions- Detox From Heroin Abuse

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

If you are suffering from heroin abuse, we encourage you to reach out for detox. All In Solutions is located in Palm Beach, Florida, and welcomes those suffering. Our team helps facilitate a smooth transition into rehab once you are fully stabilized with proper medication.

Heroin addiction requires medical detox in correlation with therapy. You must receive an appropriate medical detox program to monitor withdrawal symptoms with the help of medical professionals. Medications are utilized to ensure you will be able to cope with cravings, insomnia, and irritability. We offer 24/7 support in the comfort of our facility to provide the best quality care.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Once detox has been completed, treatment professionals typically suggest and support inpatient and outpatient substance abuse programs. All In Solutions inpatient rehab facilities in Florida and New Jersey are well-known and nationally accredited options. As a person begins to recovers from heroin withdrawal, Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAWS) can still be considered problematic even weeks into recovery. Also, a person struggling with heroin abuse may feel emotions that they no longer did when in active addiction. We believe in the complete care of each individual. To receive the care you need, we hope you will confide in us to make a full recovery possible.