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Addiction can impair your judgment by changing your brain chemistry. As a result, it negatively impacts your life in many ways. Nonetheless, a drug and alcohol treatment center can provide you with the resources, support, and guidance necessary to recovery.

Addiction has no bias and certainly makes no exceptions. Regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic background, or race, you can develop a substance abuse disorder. Every year, one out of seven Americans ages 12 and older meet the criteria for substance abuse disorder. Despite the frequent occurrence of drug addiction, drug abusers often do not seek or complete treatment. Addiction is a progressive disease; it affects an individual’s overall health and wellness. If an individual does not seek the proper treatment, symptoms from their addiction will eventually become worse. Thus, drug addiction can become fatal.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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What is Addiction?

Addiction is progressive, incurable, and debilitating. Addiction contributes to compulsive drug abuse or alcohol despite adverse consequences. Drug and alcohol effects on neurotransmitters inhibitors are unique, as they cause your brain to induce a substantial amount of neurons. The effects influence pleasure-like symptoms or euphoria. Serotonin, dopamine, and GABA neurotransmitters are primarily impacted by drug abuse.

The brain’s reward pathway, or dopamine pathway, is altered during active addiction. The brain becomes wired to connect alcohol and drugs with pleasure. Thus, releasing a specific set of neurotransmitters when using. As a result, an individual’s ability to experience joy from reinforcing or natural rewards decreases significantly. When drug use has stopped, the brain completely prevents or restricts the release of certain neurotransmitters. A person who has these changes in the brain due to drug addiction will experience challenging to control symptoms. This includes:

  • Severe Mental and Physical Health Problems
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Mental and Physical Health Problems
  • Inability to stop, control or reduce drug or alcohol usage
  • Post-Acute Withdraw (PAWS)
  • Financial loss from excessive spending on drug or alcohol use
  • Loss of motivation and neglect of responsibilities
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, and remorse regarding drug abuse

These symptoms have the last changes in an individual’s life. The consequences of drug use are substantial and affect the loved ones of those addicted. Regular drug and alcohol use make the possibility of these short-term issues more prevalent. Eventually, it becomes a significant part of an individual’s life and is difficult to ignore.

Compassionate Treatment For Substance Use Disorder

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What to Expect: Drug Addiction Treatment Center

A drug addiction treatment center Boynton Beach, FL and Cherry Hill , NJ offers provides:

Taking the first step towards recovery can be daunting, but knowing your options for care is paramount to your success. All in Solutions is here to be the go-to drug rehab center in Florida and New Jersey to provide the world-class care you deserve to achieve recovery. Our facilities are designed with our patients to ensure they receive the proper care and an enjoyable and healing experience. The addiction treatment specialists at All in Solutions offer patients their knowledge, experience, and compassion to help them in their recovery journey.

First, an individual will go through the detoxification process, which can last from 5 to 14 days. Once stabilized, a medical professional will clear the patient for ongoing treatment. Short-Term inpatient programs typically last 28 days and can extend to 90 days. In some cases, long-term treatment is suggested and can last several months. Our treatment and addiction professionals tailor-fit treatment plans around one’s needs and our clinical assessment to achieve the most significant potential success at long-term recovery and sobriety.

All In Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in drug addiction treatment and has been in business for nearly ten years. With most of our staff consisting of recovering addicts/alcoholics with long-term sobriety and the combination of medical and clinical staff, our centers have a 360-degree approach towards tackling sobriety into action.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse or a substance abuse problem, finding a drug addiction treatment center is the first step toward achieving sobriety. Give us a call or reach out however most comfortable (Text, Email, Etc.) and get a hold of your options today. All In Solutions is here to help and provide professional, confidential suggestions.

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