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Christian Rehab in New Jersey at All In Solutions

A strong faith will provide you with the strength to be resilient and conquer any obstacle. By strengthening your faith, developing the right tools, and surrounding yourself with the right people, you can overcome drug and alcohol addiction. In All In Solutions Christian rehab in New Jersey, we created an addiction treatment program that provides you with all the above to guarantee your success with treatment.

Our program was developed by ordained ministers and experts within addiction and recovery to ensure that the requirements of Christian patients are met. All In Solutions New Jersey faith-based program is a distinctive as well as life changing Christian rehabilitation program for addiction that will assist you in reestablishing your relationship to God and gain long term independence from alcohol and drugs. Your search for Christian rehab near me ends here.

Under the guidance of Pastor Max Ingram, the New Jersey faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program embraces a comprehensive treatment approach based on the bio/psycho/social/spiritual model of addiction treatment. Research has proved that the effectiveness of faith-based treatment is largely due to the crucial importance of spirituality in the process of recovery. We provide a Christian method of rehabilitation that demonstrates the transformational effect of Biblical truths in a welcoming contemporary environment.

All In Solutions welcomes Pastor Max Ingram to our New Jersey team to help lead faith-based recovery group meetings.  In addition, he currently oversees the Recovery Church Online campus. He brings over two decades of experience in recovery, as well as ministry to All In Solutions. He is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance.  

Pastor Max has dedicated his primary focus to the ministry of members of the addition-recovery community, both at All In Solutions and through the Recovery Church Movement.  Pastor Max lives in the South Jersey town of Marlton, NJ, just outside Philadelphia, and is married to Jill for over 20 years, and they have three children, Lily, Max III, and Bradley.

Pastor Max brings a blend of experience of recovery and faith that he uses to help encourage people in their recovery journey, as well as helps them explore their higher power and develop their faith.  He has the ability to simplify these complex topics and how recovery and faith can complement one another in a powerful way.  Pastor Max focuses on sharing hope, love, forgiveness, overcoming guilt and shame, and ultimately helps individuals experience personal spiritual awakening.  This same energy and knowledge will be brought to the clients of All In solutions within the group setting.

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What is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

Christian addiction treatments are, simply a kind of treatment for substance abuse that integrates Christian principles and beliefs into treatment. It also provides an extensive amount of support using more conventional therapeutic models. Together both of these components of treatment work together helping people to remain faithful during the difficult phases of treatment as well as helping them keep the connection to an underlying spiritual power.

A faith-based drug rehab program may offer many of the same programs as traditional rehabs, but with a spiritual element. Its mission is to help a recovering addict rebuild his or her relationship with God through the power of His Word. The program focuses on a biblical foundation for recovery and reclaiming control of their life. This helps people overcome feelings of shame and guilt and find peace and stability in their lives.

A significant component of faith based recovery focuses on ideas of reconciliation, forgiveness faith, and grace. One form of therapy that may appeal to Christians in recovery is religiously-integrated cognitive behavioral therapy (RCBT). RCBT is a combination of conventional cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and spiritual practices to achieve complete healing. The practice of religiously integrated cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on the same basic principles as conventional CBT. However, religiously-integrated CBT also inspires and applies a client’s own religious tradition as a major coping skill for replacing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. It can result in a reduction of depression symptoms.

Is Faith Based Rehab Effective?

There are many who question the effectiveness of religiously-based rehabs in comparison against secular programs. While this question might appear straightforward, the answer can be quite complicated. This is due to a variety of reasons. One is the accuracy of measurement which relies on self-reporting. In addition to other study-related variables, it’s hard to determine what constitutes an outcome that is successful. With that said, research suggests that those who have an “spiritual awakening” in treatment are more likely to stay completely sober for at least one year after having left treatment.

In addition, it is established that belonging and community are crucial to the long-term success of recovery. Also, having a support network established after leaving treatment can significantly increase the chances of keeping their sobriety. The advantage of Christian rehabilitation programs is that patients are connected to the community of the congregation, providing another source of help.

Pastor Max speaking for Recovery Church online

Christian Inpatient Program in New Jersey

Inpatient Christian rehabilitation has the highest rates of success for Christians who are seeking to break the cycle of addiction. At All In Solutions’ New Jersey program, patients receive all the benefits of research-based treatments and therapies while taking in the teachings and philosophies of the Bible.

In the Christian Inpatient treatment program, guilt and shame that comes with addiction are replaced with an increased sense of confidence as the relationship with God grows. We use His word for their healing, and patients are able to better understand God’s forgiveness, and the ways they as a result, are able to accept forgiveness from others (and their own).

Faith-Based Outpatient Program in Florida

While Christian inpatient rehab is highly effective, some patients may find a Christian outpatient program to be a better fit. Sometimes, an addict is physically fit, doesn’t suffer from any comorbid conditions and has an abundance of support from their loved ones at home. For these kinds of situations when addictions are less severe, an outpatient treatment program can be a good option.

Similar to those inpatient Christian treatment programs for addiction, Bible studies and Christian principles are incorporated into the outpatient addiction treatment program. However, the Christian outpatient rehab program may generally be structured around outside obligations, like the work schedule. It is typically a duration of four hours a day, three to four times a week.

Aftercare Program

Relapse is a sad but extremely real symptom of addiction and this is the same for Christians who participate in rehabilitation. But the Christian rehabilitation aftercare program is an ongoing source of help, which helps to strengthen the client’s new relation with God. Our treatment for our patients is not over after they have graduated from our inpatient and outpatient Christian rehabilitation programs. We offer ongoing care for alumni and full peer support services.

Getting Into Christian Rehab Near Me

Recovery is a lifelong journey for those who have struggled with substance use disorders. With that said, enrolling in an inpatient or outpatient faith based addiction treatment program can help to establish a foundation in sobriety that can lead to a life of freedom and spiritual fulfillment.

All In Solutions knows that success in recovery is achievable because we witness it every day at our New Jersey treatment center. We assist our patients in developing lifelong abilities and connections with themselves, God, and the loved ones who are essential to maintaining the long-term health and sobriety they deserve.

Our Christian rehabilitation program is designed to help patients to build a solid foundation for their faith. Support for follow-up is offered whenever it is needed. And most importantly, by taking part in Christian rehabilitation, you’ll be able to regain or strengthen your faith.

For more details our leading Christian rehab program in New Jersey contact All In Solutions or call us at 855-762-3796 to speak with an admissions counselor 24/7. 

Faith Based Addiction Recovery in New Jersey

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