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What to Look For in a Faith Based Addiction Treatment Program

Men and women trying to overcome addiction and alcoholism have turned to spiritual guidance all throughout history. As medical understanding has advanced and addiction has become classified as a disease of the mind, lots of new techniques aimed at remediating the behavioral patterns of the addict have become more commonly practiced. However, many Christian drug rehabs and faith-based recovery programs still offer addiction treatment that is rooted in a spiritual solution. For those interested in recovery through Biblical principles, there are a few things to look for when seeking a faith-based addiction treatment program.

Experienced Christian Leadership

One of the most important aspects of any treatment program is the counselor or group facilitator who works with the clients. Faith based treatment programs are no exception. The pastor, therapist, or counselor who leads the program should be passionate about and experienced in teaching the Bible. However, it is equally important that this person has experience dealing with addiction. First-hand experience is extra helpful as people who have gone through addiction themselves may be able to meet clients on their level more easily than an ordinary clergy.

Openness to Other Recovery Elements

The most effective faith-based addiction treatment centers utilize a combination of traditional treatment methods and Christian counseling. By combining evidence-based therapies like CBT and DBT with 12-step fellowship and Biblical recovery principles, these programs offer clients the opportunity to improve themselves on multiple planes and increase their chances of success after treatment.

Addiction Treatment Accreditation

It is important not to overlook the importance of finding a program with a good reputation and the proper licensing and accreditation. The unfortunate reality is that people struggling with addiction are in a particularly vulnerable state, and bad actors can attempt to take advantage of this. Finding a rehab that is accredited by the Joint Commission, or at least the state-specific treatment governing body will prevent you from being preyed on by unscrupulous providers just looking to profit off you.

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What Are Some Drawbacks of Certain Faith Based Addiction Treatment Programs?

When asked about what to look out for when seeking a good Christian recovery program, Pastor Daniel Cornide of All In Solutions Counseling Center’s faith-based recovery program offered this advice.

“I think that there has been a bend, especially within Christian circles or the Christian church as a whole, to look at addiction as a, specifically and exclusively, spiritual problem. This is in contrast with looking at addiction through a holistic lens. Through a holistic approach, we recognize a biopsychosocial spiritual model of addiction. This means acknowledging that there’s a biological component to this -that there are genetic factors that play into alcoholism and addiction. It means acknowledging that there’s a mental health aspect to it. And it means acknowledging that there’s a social aspect to it. So, while spirituality plays a part, and a very large part, in addiction, it isn’t the whole picture.

 But there’s been a desire to just try to pray the addiction away. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t believe in deliverance, where the obsession and compulsion is lifted instantaneously. That is what happened for me! But I still had a lot of stuff going on in my life that required attention. I still had to process broken relationships, a broken home, alcoholism in the family, insecurities, and so on. So, I think that’s where an awareness of these non-spiritual factors becomes important.

I’ve come across people who say, ‘I love the Lord, but I can’t stop drinking.’ The truth is that your drinking has nothing to do with how much you love the Lord, or you don’t love the Lord. This is where the addiction cycle comes into it. There are neurological factors that happen to your brain when you’re constantly stuck in the same vicious cycle of addiction. I’m a big believer that 95% of it is the spiritual malady, as explained in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. But there’s more to it that is often overlooked by the Christian community.”

Getting Into Christian Rehab

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The key understanding, according to highly successful faith-based addiction professionals, is that addiction is a multi-faceted disease that is most effectively treated using a combination of techniques. As is explained in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, many drug addicts and alcoholics suffer from “grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest with themselves.” That honest examination can be achieved by combining evidence-based addiction treatment therapies with a faith-based program designed to reveal a foundational Christian identity. 

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