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Hope Fest 2022, sponsored in part by All In Solutions Counseling Center, will bring the recovery community together to celebrate art, music, food, and sobriety at a free event in West Palm Beach. The event will be held at The Peach 3590 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, FL. 33405. For more information, call (561) 889-7230 or see the Facebook Even below. 

Art can be an amazingly therapeutic outlet of creative expression for individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. Manny Mendez, co-founder of the organization Art of Recovery and leader of All In Solution’s art therapy program in Boynton Beach can attest to this fact personally. Creating art, sharing it, and teaching others to explore different mediums for expression have all been instrumental in his personal recovery and growth.

In his own words, Manny says, “Art has been the only thing that has really allowed me to soul search. And while I do not always find the answers that I was looking for, it gives me some peace. And, for a person like me who could never achieve that, it’s huge. I’ve been painting consecutively now for 8 years and 9 months. In that time, I have also healed, and continue to use art as my first form of self expression when trying to convey a message to the world. And that message is really about raising awareness about substance use disorder, and wanting to empower the youth. It was as a youth that I found this gift that later helped me through the loss of 11 years of my life, and later became my PURPOSE.”

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So, to give artists a chance to promote their work, and to welcome newcomers into the community, Art of Recovery is hosting an event called Hope Fest on February 19 at The Peach Studio. The event will include an art exhibit, music, food, and speakers. All are welcome to attend for free. 

Note from the organizers: 

Are you a person seeking recovery from addiction or other mental health conditions, looking for a community to call HOME? We are at The Art of Recovery, INC; want to provide you that creative space to find your tribe, explore your passions, and celebrate life!
ONE-Day only Free event Hosted by The Art Of Recovery, INC at The Peach, 3950 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, FL on February 19th, 2022!
TAKE Action…RSVP NOW for HopeFest.
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