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Personality: The Factor The Trumps All Others

Personality: The Factor The Trumps All Others

Fri, 11 Feb 2022 14:57:55 +0000

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Paul Tieger is the Founder and CEO of Speed Reading People, LLC. He is also a principal of IConnect Health, an international expert on personality psychology, and the author of five bestselling books. Paul currently is the lead researcher for the SMART De-Stress RX Study, which seeks to determine the connection between personality type and addiction issues.

In this podcast Paul talks about:

  • His extensive background in personality psychology and trying to understand who people are
  • His most famous case from when he was a jury consultant
  • The new SMART study’s purpose is to determine genetic predisposition to addiction issues based on personality type and how SMART can tailor its approach to different people
  • Why personality type trumps all other factors like age and gender
  • How to prevent confirmation bias
  • Dr. Tom Horvath’s enthusiasm for this groundbreaking study
  • The three parts of the study the participants will take
  • Developing the De-Stress RX personality test as an individualized approach to reducing stress based on the 16 personality types
  • The value in receiving personal RX results
  • How the COVID era stress has influenced personality types
  • How SMART will be communicating how people can participate in the study in the coming weeks

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