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Welcome to All In Solutions Detox in Simi Valley! We are delighted to guide you through a comprehensive overview of our exceptional treatment programs and provide you with a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits you.

This webpage is designed to give you a fully transparent window into what the client experience is really like at our Simi Valley detox center. Below, you’ll find photo & video tours of our facilities, inspiring testimonials from our alumni, a weekly schedule of our diverse treatment groups, bios of some of our key staff members, and answers to the most common questions from clients and their families.

We hope this will help to ease some of the fears and anxieties you may have about entering treatment. We look forward to getting started and empowering you on your path to healing, growth, and lifelong recovery.

A Serene Facility & Environment

Upon Arrival: Medical & Clinical Overview

Located in a tranquil neighborhood in Simi Valley, our 12-bed drug and alcohol detox facility provides a haven for individuals seeking a path toward recovery. Tucked away from the bustle of urban life, our center offers a calming environment conducive to healing and renewal.

Upon arrival, clients are greeted by a welcoming and compassionate team of professionals dedicated to supporting them on their journey to sobriety. Our facility features comfortable and cozy accommodations, ensuring a restful and safe stay throughout detoxification.

Each of our 12 beds is thoughtfully designed to offer semi-privacy and comfort, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery journey without distractions. The soothing ambiance of the facility, coupled with attentive care from our staff, creates an atmosphere of trust and encouragement.

At our 12-bed drug and alcohol detox facility, we believe in the transformative power of compassionate care and evidence-based treatment. With a focus on dignity, respect, and empowerment, we stand ready to guide individuals towards a brighter, substance-free future.

chef prepared meals on display at all in solutions detox

Comforts & Amenities

Our detox program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, with a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. From medically supervised detoxification to personalized therapy sessions, we offer comprehensive support to help clients navigate the challenges of withdrawal and lay the foundation for lasting recovery.

We provide a range of therapeutic activities and wellness amenities designed to promote healing and self-discovery. Whether participating in mindfulness exercises, group therapy sessions, or enjoying the tranquil outdoor spaces, clients have ample opportunities to reconnect with themselves and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Additional amenities include:

  • Weekly visits from a yoga instructor.
  • Bi-weekly visits from a licensed barber.
  • Bi-weekly visits from a cosmetologist
  • Daily chef-prepared meals

A Typical Day & Schedule of Services

A typical day at All In Solutions Detox in Simi Valley starts around 7:30 a.m. with behavioral health technicians visiting each client in their rooms and checking their vital signs. Clients then go to the nurses’ station, where they are supervised while taking their medication (if needed) and are evaluated on their comfort, appetite, and sleep quality. As clients are finishing up with nursing, breakfast service starts. Clients can choose between the hot breakfast option prepared by the onsite chef or cold options like cereal, muffins, bagels, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

After breakfast, most mornings, there will be a brief community meeting and a short meditation period. At 9 a.m., the first group therapy session begins. These sessions are facilitated by one of the primary therapists. The topic or focus of the group is different every day, so clients have a variety of material to absorb. At 10:30 a.m., this session ends, and the next therapy session promptly begins. Similar to the first therapy session, the topic or focus of the group differs daily to keep lessons fresh. At noon, the second session ends, and lunch is served. Like breakfast, hot and cold options are available, and any special dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Also at this time, the nurses will supervise anyone who needs to take medication.

Group therapy resumes for another session at 1 p.m. Clients are excused from their scheduled activities throughout the day to go to one-on-one sessions with their therapist, meet with case managers, and receive additional medical care as needed. The third therapy session concludes at 3 p.m., and a daily wrap-up takes place. The daily wrap-up touches base on each session to summarize the discussions of the day. Clients will have time to participate in recreational activities or receive services from a visiting yoga instructor, barber, and cosmetologist (visiting service days vary). Dinner is then served between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

After dinner, the nurses perform wellness checks with clients. In the evening, volunteers from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and other recovery groups host a meeting for clients. At 8 p.m., the nurses will supervise anyone who needs to take the last round of medication for that day. The rest of the night is dedicated to clients making phone calls to loved ones, working on assignments from their therapists, and relaxing. Scheduled phone times are between 4 p.m. until lights out at 10:00 p.m.

Overnight, behavioral health technicians are available to help clients with any problems they may face, and nurses are available to prescribe medications to help with withdrawal symptoms. The cafeteria is also open overnight and is stocked with snacks and drinks.

Common Questions from New Clients and Families

The average length of stay for the detox and residential program is between 14 and 21 days. This does vary though depending on a client’s medical needs, progress, and treatment history. 

No, clients are not permitted to keep cell phones or laptops on their person during treatment. They may be allowed to use them at times with staff supervision if needed. Clients can use/keep e-readers, tablets, and iPods as long as they don’t have internet access. Note that clients are permitted to make phone calls regularly, but must do so from the facility phone.

There are no private rooms at All In Solutions Detox; all rooms are semi-private. However, as the census fluctuates, there may be periods during which a client may have their room to themself.

Under most circumstances, your job is protected under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) while you are in inpatient rehab. You can come to treatment, keep your job, and we’ll handle all the paperwork. You do not need to disclose the reason for your leave, simply that you are tending to a medical concern.

Meet Some of Our Simi Valley Staff

Shaina Conforti

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Shaina has been working in the medical field as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for over 10 years. She started in primary care where she grew her knowledge and was able to branch into addiction medicine. Addiction medicine has quickly become her passion and provides a rewarding feeling watching our clients grow through their journey to sobriety. The team at All In Solutions works closely with our nursing staff to provide full circle care to each client.

Tiffany Sanchez

Assistant Operations Director

As Assistant Operations Director at All In Solutions Detox, Tiffany is dedicated to ensuring clients have quality treatment during their stay. She manages the day-to-day functional aspects of our operation, providing administrative oversight for several departments. She is dedicated to the work we do, and values the opportunity to help others along their journey to wellness. Tiffany has dedicated 18 years of her career to various positions in operations, management, and business development. Her passion for helping others is a core driving force in her professional career. Tiffany enjoys working out, and traveling with friends and family. 

Paul Orleans

Operations Director

"To be able to use my past experiences, pain, and suffering to help others navigate their own troubles is my favorite part of this job. To be able to stoke the flame of recovery in another human being who is suffering, to watch as the lights 'turn on' for them is better than any paycheck I will ever receive."
“Cling to the thought that, in God's hands, the dark past is the greatest possession you have - the key to life and happiness for others. With it you can avert death and misery for them.” – Page 124 Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Alumni Testimonials

While we hope the information above has been helpful, perhaps the best way to learn about the client experience at All In Solutions is by asking former clients (alumni). In addition to the highlighted testimonials here, you can read more of our 5-star google reviews here and view more client testimonials on Youtube

Our Accreditations

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