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Foods That Can Curb Cravings for Alcohol

dietary tips to help reduce alcohol cravings

Dietary Tips to Reduce Alcohol Cravings

It is no doubt that one of the biggest and most difficult aspects of recovery is battling the urges you’ll likely have after quitting drinking. The cravings do not just come from a physical hunger, but also a mental one. If you don’t have the right support system in place it is possible to revert back to the addictive habits. Did you know that there is greater chance of staving against alcohol cravings if you eat certain food items? Read on to discover instances of foods that help you curb your cravings for alcohol.

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Lean Proteins

Lean proteins are an integral part of every healthy diet. In addition, they’ll help in battling alcohol cravings. Fish and chicken are two examples of top protein sources that you can incorporate to your food regimen. One of the greatest advantages of these proteins is they can be cooked and then season them in numerous ways to add a flavor to your meals. One of the main benefits of incorporating these kinds of proteins into the diet of your choice is that it will assist you in sleeping more soundly and maintain a positive mood.

Whole Grains

Most people are unaware how alcohol acts as source of carbohydrate and that carbohydrates are an essential part of your diet. If you’ve been unknowingly using alcohol as your main source of carbohydrates it is important to substitute your intake of carbs with healthier alternatives. Whole grains are loaded with fiber that makes you feel fuller, and because it takes longer for your body to process whole grains, they will feel more fuller for longer.

Nuts and seeds

Seeds, nuts and nuts are examples of healthy fats that aid in boosting your energy levels. Because they are packed with nutrients and vitamins they are able to aid in fighting alcohol cravings. This kind of food is ideal for food items that will reduce desire of alcohol as it may aid in restoring some of the nutrient or vitamin levels that you might have lost while engaged in addiction.

Leafy Greens

Did you realize that eating leafy greens will help you be less stressed while cleansing your body? The leafy greens contain vitamin B, which is an instance of a vitamin that is often affected by drinking. This vitamin may also aid in fighting fatigue and increase your metabolism.


Dairy products of all kinds are loaded with protein as well as potassium. If you’ve had issues with vitamin deficiencies due to addiction to alcohol, incorporating dairy to your diet may help you restore the proper quantities of vitamins, while making it easier to eat more nutritious foods that will lessen your desire for alcohol.

Curing Drinking Cravings At All In Solutions

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