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How to Tell if Weed Is Synthetic

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Anyone buying marijuana must know how to identify synthetic weed. Although synthetic marijuana produces similar side effects to cannabis, there are some differences. Because it was difficult to study cannabinoids due to regulations and legal issues, scientists created synthetic marijuana. Artificial weed is also known as Spice, Black Mamba, Spice, or Spice. These chemicals can cause serious side effects in the brain and body if consumed regularly.

Synthetic Weed vs. Natural Weed

It is easy to determine if your weed is real or fake. Natural weed does not consist of a few herbs sprayed with chemicals, but is sold as whole buds. The consumable part of cannabis plants, the buds, are ready to smoke. Synthetic marijuana looks similar to other plants and herbs, but real marijuana is made from buds.

The smell is another way to determine if synthetic marijuana is real or fake. People who don’t smoke marijuana can usually smell the weed smell at festivals and concerts. Because synthetic cannabis is made from chemicals and random herbs, it does not smell the same as real marijuana. If the smell of synthetic cannabis is not convincing, then trust your nose.

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It is important to know where the Marijuana was purchased.

A well-respected dispensary can help you purchase legal weed. A reputable dispensary will know the difference between synthetic and natural weed. They also have access to high-grade marijuana grown from approved farms. It is important to get feedback and reviews from people you trust about the dealer you are purchasing from. Trustworthy dealers will explain where your weed came from and the type of weed it is like Indica or Sativa.

Synthetic Weed: The Effects

It is best to avoid buying or smoking synthetic marijuana after you have learned how to distinguish between the two. There are many side effects and shady aspects to synthetic marijuana. This is because scientists make it in a laboratory, spray it with chemicals and then sell it under other names. Some symptoms that can be experienced by someone who has smoked synthetic marijuana include:

  • Vomiting
  • Illusions
  • Chest pains
  • Kidney damage
  • Extreme confusion
  • Heart rate increases
  • Violent or erratic behavior

Smoking synthetic marijuana can sometimes cause seizures, rapid heartbeats, strokes, and even epileptic fits. To avoid unconsciousness, seek immediate medical attention if a person experiences symptoms such as vomiting, rapid heartbeat, chest pains, or nausea.

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