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Short Term Addiction Treatment Programs – Miami

What is short-term addiction Treatment?

It is a popular belief for those who aren’t aware of addiction treatment that the procedure for this kind of treatment can be described as a one size that fits all. In reality, the idea of treatment for addiction has developed and grown, and is now based on the realization that each person requires a different approach for treatment. If you are comfortable with only taking a temporary treatment plan , or if your you have obligations at school or work that hinder you from committing additional time to this procedure, then you could be an ideal applicant for any of our addiction treatment programs located near Miami at the All In Solutions Counseling Center

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Types of Short-Term Addiction Treatment Programs

There are a variety of addiction treatment programs for short-term duration which we provide in our Legacy Healing Center. When you first connect with the intake staff, we’ll spend time explaining the options for treatment to you in greater depth. The treatment options you are able to take part in are:

Advantages & Disadvantages of Short-Term Rehabilitation

If you’re making a decision about whether or not you want to decide to sign up for a short-term contract it is important to know that there are advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider. One of the main advantages of the short-term plan is that this program is over 30 consecutive days. This means you’ll spend a brief but specific duration of time to be focused on yourself. But, this is a practice that could be a double-edged saber when you suffer from an addiction that is more severe. If you’ve had a long-term addiction, 30 days might not be enough time to heal mentally and physically from addiction that could cause a an relapse. We strongly suggest not to make this crucial decision on your own and trust the advice and guidance of our team of treatment specialists.

What Treatment Options are Available in Short-Term Rehabs?

While in short-term rehab, it is possible to take part in various forms of therapy that will assist you identify the root for your dependence. This is an important element of recovery since it will assist you to determine the triggers or traumas that could be the cause of your addiction. The types of therapy that you could be expected to take part in are:

  • The trauma-based therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Therapy for behavioral disorders
  • Family therapy

How Much Does Short-Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab Cost?

One of the most frequently asked queries we get regarding our short-term addiction programs is the cost for this kind of treatment. The answer will depend on the degree of care you require. That means the price of your treatment plan could be different from other clients. Be aware that if you are covered by private insurance, the insurance company could cover all or the majority of your time in treatment. The best advice is to call your insurance company and find out more about the conditions of your coverage , so you are better prepared.

Is a Short-Term Treatment for Addiction the Right Choice for You?

It is the only method to find out whether you are in one of our short-term treatment programs for addiction treatment programs in Miami is suitable for your needs is to speak with the team of treatment in our drug rehabilitation facility. No matter if you have to enroll in short-term rehabilitation as well as shorter-term alcohol rehabilitation and recovery, you can be sure that you’ll receive the treatment that you require during this crucial phase of your life. To learn more about our treatment programs , which include alcohol detox or drug detox and alcohol detox, please connect to us now by calling (855) 762-3796 or talk to an intake team.

All In Solutions Counseling Center is an addiction treatment network. We offer outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment programs that are tailored to meet each client’s needs. Our specialized programs include: