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The Impact of Heroin Addiction on Mothers and Children

impact of heroin addiction on babies during pregnancy

A crisis falling by the wayside

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major concern, but it also highlights a very real and preexisting problem: the opioid crisis. Every year, thousands die from heroin overdose. This can also lead to babies being born addicted and their parents being separated. It is important to acknowledge that you are not alone in your struggle with substance abuse. You should seek treatment in a center, even if you are a victim of the pandemic.

Can Addiction Run in Your Family?

Unfortunately, addiction is a trait that runs in families. Substance dependence is genetic. This makes people more vulnerable. Addiction can also begin in the womb. Women who are struggling with drug abuse can have their babies addicted to drugs if they use opiates while pregnant. These babies who are dependent on opioids require detox and extended medical supervision.

The symptoms of heroin detox in addicted babies include:

    • Diarrhea
    • Seizures
    • Eating difficulties or weight gain
    • Tremors
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Fever
    • Vomiting

Recovering from drug addiction can be difficult if there is a history. With the right treatment, it is possible to break the cycle and give your family a sober, healthy life.

There is hope!

Ohio is one of the hardest hit states by the heroin epidemic. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of parent’s drug addiction. Half of all foster children in Ohio are placed in the system because their parents have used drugs. The overwhelming number of children in the system has led to the search for solutions by Montgomery County’s city of Dayton.

CNN’s Lisa Ling featured a family struggling to keep their marriage together despite their addiction on December 6. Ms. Ling met Clancy Clancy, a mother to a heroin-addicted child, during a story about the opioid crisis and babies exposed. Through a Montgomery County program, she was able to become a sober mom thanks to an innovative program. Clancy, who was addicted to drugs and had lost two children, found this opportunity to raise her daughter very precious.

Merceades, her daughter, was positive for opioids when she was born. Clancy was offered a chance by the county to keep the small family together. Instead of separating mother and daughter permanently, she would keep custody while she sought opioid addiction treatment. Her daughter would be living with a temporary host family. This means that addicts born to mothers will not be automatically separated from their children. The county is now working with her and other mothers in an effort to end heroin addiction without causing harm to their children.

This program is implemented by Montgomery County using a mix of child welfare systems and nonprofit organizations. Children are safe and cared for while mothers strive to live a healthy and happy life in recovery. This system does not punish mothers for their illness by ignoring their recovery or putting their children into foster care Ohio. It seeks to find a solution which benefits both mothers and children.

This is an opportunity for Clancy and Merceades to end the vicious cycle of heroin addiction that has plagued her family. She is well aware of the devastating effects heroin addiction has on families. Heroin overdose killed her mother, brother, sister, and father. Research continues to show that addiction can be caused by genetic or environmental factors. Merceades’ future can be shaped by Clancy’s opportunity to get sober and raise her child in a sober setting.

A New Hurdle

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unexpected complications. Parents still have the option to seek treatment and remain with their children. However, it becomes increasingly difficult for them not to drink. Social isolation and financial stress can lead to strong cravings for substances that can lead to relapses or even overdose. The media’s shift away from opioids to the pandemic has led to a decrease in addiction awareness. Although it may seem more difficult to seek support in difficult times, there is help available.

It is possible to create a new life, no matter what the obstacles may be. It can be difficult to believe in yourself when you have a family history full of addictions and the pandemic. But Montgomery’s system shows that there is another chance. A rehab center can help you live a happy and fulfilling life, with a healthy family, and a fresh start.

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