Substance Abuse

Unusual Household Highs

household items people can get high on

Most people picture someone abusing drugs and alcohol as a homeless person carrying a bottle of liquor or someone who is looking for prescription benzodiazepine pills in a medicine cupboard. People don’t think of cough syrup or hand sanitizer as a means to get high. Although these items are easy to find in a shop, they can also be used as a gateway to alcohol and drugs. It is possible for anyone to get high on items stored in their homes in ways that most people would not dream of.

These methods are most often used by teenagers but anyone can use them. These are some of the unusual household highs.

Cough Syrup (DXM).

You may find cough syrup locked up at the grocery or drug store for a variety of reasons. It could be used to obtain high levels of marijuana. Although it may sound strange, it is true. DXM, or Dextromethorphan, is a component found in most cough syrups. You can either learn how to extract DXM from cough syrups or simply drink the syrup. Robotripping is a fast and dangerous way to get high. This can also be a result of using DXM with alcohol or other drugs.

This kind of high can cause users to feel disconnected from their bodies and may be different from other types. This high can be dangerous and even deadly. You may also experience nausea, panic attacks and an increased heart rate.

DXM Robitussin pills displyed as unusual household high called "robotripping"

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Whippets are when you inhale nitrous oxide gases. Whippets can be caused by whipped cream chargers, or other mechanisms found in certain car engines. These types of mechanisms can cause a rapid, sharp high when inhaled quickly. Although it is a brief high, it can lead to intoxication.

It is far more dangerous than this. You could experience vomiting, loss of consciousness, coma or even death if you inhale anything other than regular oxygen. It has even been known to cause death in certain cases.

These can be considered a harmless form of drug abuse, similar to inhaling helium from an inflatable balloon. This can prove to be very dangerous. Whippet owners who are actively looking for whippets should seek help immediately.

whipped cream chargers, cannisters of nitrous called whippets and abused as a drug

Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19 has made hand sanitizer more popular than ever. Its uses go beyond hygiene and the removal of germs. To get drunk, some people use hand sanitizer. You can either puff or drink the hand sanitizer. It contains a lot of pure alcohol, which results in intoxication.

Hand sanitizer contains more alcohol than alcohol. Inhaling or consuming these substances can cause serious stomach problems, as well as the need to seek immediate medical attention. If someone is getting high in this way, they may be suffering from addiction.

Alcohol Tampon

This sounds very strange. Some people have reported using alcohol-soaked tampons. This is known as “slimming” and can be used by both men and women.

This is how alcohol is ingested. It is simple and concealable. This could lead to individuals becoming intoxicated at any time, even in public places, and being able to pass a breathalyzer test positive for alcohol. This may allow for faster absorption of alcohol. People who use this method are able to get drunk quicker.

It is dangerous, however. This method has been reported to cause burning and possible injuries. Extreme drinking is considered dangerous and could indicate someone has an alcohol abuse disorder.

alcohol soaked tampons are a dangerous way that teens are abusing alcohol

The Short-Term and Long-Term Risks

There is no doubt that drug addiction and drug abuse are closely linked in teenagers as well as adults. A lot of teenagers who abuse drugs and get high will be diagnosed as adults with a substance misuse disorder. Adults who use these methods to get high might need treatment.

Seek professional help immediately if you suspect your loved one may be addicted to drugs. There are many steps you can take to ensure your loved one receives the support they deserve. For more information about our services or to learn how we can help you or your loved one get on the road to recovery, please contact us today.

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