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Can You Have Visitors in Rehab?

can you visit family members in rehab

Most rehabs and addiction treatment centers do allow patients to have visitors under certain circumstances. Rules regarding visitation vary from one facility to another and are often dependent on a patient’s current level of care, progress in treatment, and adherence to their program. At All In Solutions facilities, patient visitation is permitted at the discretion of the patient’s therapist. The following article will answer, in general, some frequently asked questions about visiting a loved one in rehab.

visitors in an addiction treatment program

What Are The Conditions For Visits While In Rehab?

When in rehab, its important to keep in mind the conditions for visits. Patients are typically only allowed to have visitors once they have completed the detox and residential phases of treatment. This means that visitors should avoid coming during the detox stage in order to protect the privacy of other patients. Once a patient transitions to a lower level of care, like a partial hospitalization program, they may have visitors if they are in good standing. Visitors should obviously avoid bringing alcohol or drugs during their visit, and should not show up for a visit while intoxicated.

Is It Okay To Tell My Friends And Family That I Am In Rehab?

Rehab is a time of healing for the addiction addict and their loved ones. It can be a difficult time for everyone, but its important to remember that its okay to tell your friends and family that you are in rehab. As long as you are honest and explain the situation in detail, they should be supportive. It is also important to be upfront about the length of treatment and the possible outcomes. However, dont feel like you have to talk to them immediately. Give yourself time to process the information and allow your treatment to take center stage. ALWAYS remember to take care of yourself while in rehab – drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and eat healthy. You will make it through this difficult time!

Preparing for the visit

When you are visiting a loved one in treatment, its important to be emotionally prepared. Let the recovering addict or alcoholic dictate what they are ready to speak about. Set boundaries and do not allow your loved one to convince you that they are ready to leave treatment prematurely. Above all, be patient and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any rules or regulations governing visitors in rehab?

Each treatment facility will have their own rules and regulations regarding visitation. In addition, whether an individual is allowed to have visitors is usually up to their primary therapist who will make the decision based on the progress of the patient. As a rule of thumb though, true “inpatient” levels of care like in a medical detox facility or residential addiction treatment center do not typically allow visitors to enter.

How do visitors affect residents rehabilitation?

A study published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” in May 2012 found that sustained increases in the number of visitors to a rehab facility resulted in decreased resident participation in therapy and increased rates of resident misconduct. The studys authors attribute these undesirable outcomes to visitors ineffectivemotivation to support rehabilitation therapy and their tendency to provide distractions for residents. It is important to consider that visitors can often distract patients from their primary purpose of treatment – sobriety. It is often too soon for them to begin processing the damage they have done to their relationships, and may cause more harm than good. It is also important to consider that seeing family members and loved ones may increase feelings of homesickness in patients and they may want to cut their treatment short even though they are not yet ready to be discharged.

How to Learn More About Visitors in Rehab

If you or somebody you love are considering getting treatment and want to know more about the visitation policy, just ask the treatment center you are thinking of attending. Admissions staff will happily explain the rules their rehab enforces and you can avoid any uncertainty about if you can visit someone in rehab.

For more information about visitor rules at All In Solutions Counseling Center Boynton Beach or All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill, reach out to the admissions office.