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What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Every day, millions of Americans are addicted to drugs. It is possible to make a life-altering decision to overcome your addiction. Although it was clear in the beginning that addiction treatment would be a learning process, many advancements have occurred in recent years. All In Solutions has a team that can help you with medication assisted treatment (also known as MAT). Coral Springs MAT drug rehab allows for you to include certain medications in your overall treatment plan. These medications will help you manage any symptoms you might be experiencing during this phase of your recovery.

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MAT for Drug Addiction

Every person is affected by drug addiction in different ways and for different reasons. If you have suffered trauma in your childhood and you didn’t receive psychological treatment, you may fall into the traps of addiction to try to cope. Coral Springs MAT rehab can help you deal with these important issues and manage the psychological and physical fallouts that might arise from specific times of your treatment. Each client is treated by a dedicated team who works with them to provide the support and resources that they need.

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All In Solutions offers two options for MAT programs: an inpatient or outpatient option. There are two main differences between the two options: where you will be living during treatment, and how much time you’ll need to dedicate each week. Inpatient programs allow you to live on our beautiful campus, which will help you overcome your addiction. An outpatient program, on the other hand, allows you to be flexible and see to your school or work responsibilities.

What medications are used in MAT Drug Rehab

There are many options for medication if you’re willing to participate in a MAT program. You may be able to benefit from medication such as:

These medications can be addictive, so some people are reluctant to try them. You can feel secure in knowing that your addiction will not be replaced if you are in a controlled, safe environment like the one All In Solutions offers.

Is MAT Drug Rehab Effective?

Anyone who is willing to go through the process of MAT rehab can reap the benefits. The MAT program can ease the burden of cravings and psychological uncertainty. This treatment option has been proven to reduce the chance of relapse and help people to focus on their new life and how they can maintain it.

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MAT Drug Rehab in Coral Springs at All In Solutions

Our Coral Springs MAT drug rehabilitation is unmatched and our team is available 24/7 to give you the help you need. All In Solutions can provide the support you require, from drug detox to holistic and comprehensive Florida drug rehab programs. Contact today for more information at (855) 762-3796 .