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Pete Davidson Opens Up About BPD and Marijuana

pete davidson speaks about borderline personality disorder and his marijuana use

The comedian and SNL (Saturday Night Live) star, Pete Davidson, discussed how borderline personality disorder (BPD) affects his life during an interview with Marc Maron on WTF. The disorder causes mood and behavior instability. Additionally, it can affect a person’s ability to build and manage strong relationships with others. As evidenced by his success, Pete has not let his disorder hinder his ambition.

Pete Davidson’s Diagnosis of BPD

Pete’s doctors thought that he may have had undiagnosed bipolar disorder. They prescribed him medications in an attempt to see if they treated his symptoms. On the other hand, Pete continued to use marijuana while he took the medication. He suffered a short mental breakdown in the year after he had left rehab. Consequently, he was then diagnosed with BPD.

Symptoms that people with BPD experience:

  • A fear of being abandoned
  • Possible urges to inflict self harm
  • Impulsivity
  • Likely to abuse substances
  • Despises being alone for longer periods of time
  • Feeling boredom or empty frequently
  • Sudden outbursts of anger or struggles with anger management

It is recommended to find a respected residential mental health program if you or someone you love is suffering from BPD. Davidson described that many people can be diagnosed and treated in a facility. BPD is caused by a person’s past experiences and neglect.

Davidson’s Marijuana Use and How It Relates to His Mental Condition

Pete stated that he has used marijuana for multiple decades. He feels that it may have contributed to his mental condition. Although, this is not backed by scientific evidence. BPD could cause impulsive disorder. Marijuana can help people manage their emotions and mitigate anxiety symptoms.

These conditions have many triggers that affect the levels of symptoms that diagnosed people experience. Medical marijuana is recommended for people who have a harder time sleeping or need help relaxing due to high stress levels. Cannabis sativa is recommended to treat borderline personality disorder. Sativa strains help to reduce anxiety and improve a person’s mood. Furthermore, anyone that uses marijuana should be aware of its side effects and health risks.

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